Library Module

It is identified with the following icon:



Assign a library form to a patient

Created the patient, we can go to the blue bar at the bottom and “click” in the Library sin-titulo2

It will take us to our library where we will see folders that will contain various files.



Each folder has a generic name and tells us the number of subfolders or files it contains.

Click on the desired folder and we will find all the files of that type of work that we have.



When we click on one of the files we can see a thumbnail of the file on the right.

When we do double-click we will be directly assigning the patient with whom we are working.



Now we can click on the file and start modifying it.

NOTE: You can use the Assign icon sin-titulo2 when you choose the file to the patient.


In the subfolder of corsets (inside the library), there are models that come with the “historical” of the tools used and in other cases, the files come without it. ALL THE ARCHIVES THAT BEGIN WITH THE CORSÉ WORD SHALL COME WITH THE HISTORICAL.


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